T.N. to probe Jayalalithaa’s death

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu said Thursday that an investigation headed by a Supreme Court judge on the retirement commission would be set up to examine the death of former Prime Minister Jayalalithaa in December last year. The decision on the judge who will lead the committee will be adopted in time, Palaniswami said, accompanied by several high-level cabinet ministers to the Secretariat.

Mr Palaniswami also said that ‘Veda Nilayam’, the former residence of Jayalalithaa in Garden Poes, would be converted into a public monument, an announcement that was criticized by Jayalalithaa Deepa Jayakumar’s niece, who questioned the unilateral decision without consulting To the heirs. To date, it is unclear whether Jayalalithaa has left a legacy, which bequeathed his extensive estate to anyone.

Sudden announcements are seen essentially as a means to pressure the AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi Amma) to embark on a quick merger with the ruling AIADMK (Amma) and to overcome the Deputy Secretary-General of T.T.V. Dhinakaran, who is in a combative mood.

The panneerselvam faction had set two conditions for a merger: an investigation into Jayalalithaa’s death (ranging from a CBI investigation to a judicial inquiry) and the expulsion of Sasikala and his family from AIADMK. During the 75 days of hospitalization by Jayalalithaa, only Sasikala and doctors and paramedics had access to it.

A campaign to convert the Veda Nilayam into a monument was also launched by M. Panneerselvam. The Palaniswami faction recently canceled the appointment of M. Dhinakaran as deputy secretary general, but has not expelled or removed from Sasikala.

For the record, Mr. Palaniswami said that, based on various representations of many different organizations “, a commission of inquiry headed by a Supreme Court judge of retirement will be formed to investigate the death of Amma (Jayalalithaa).”

While M. Panneerselvam did not respond to the announcements, his former minister Ma Foi K. Pandiarajan, tweeted “Victoria for #OPS Dharma yuddham!” The 3 main applications of OPS were solved! The time to negotiate transparently for the merger! #UnitedAdmk “. M. Panneerselvam should meet on Friday after consultations with other leaders.

Welcoming the decision to establish a commission of inquiry, Apollo hospitals in a statement said that “the Apollo hospital team, which fought relentlessly to save her, is convinced that the Committee will highlight the care and care Exceptional he received. ” Committee “will rest all speculation unfounded in this regard.”

The Minister said, “for people to know their achievements and sacrifices, Veda Nilayam becomes a public monument and people have access.” Following the announcement, reporters and photographers who went to Poes Garden were not allowed access to the Veda Nilayam road and was referred by police personnel. Deepa Jayakumar said she and her brother were the legal heirs of the property and asked no one to get rid of it.

Panneerselvam camp leaders who spoke to Hindus, however, seem divided over the announcement of the investigation. While Mr. pandiarajan allowed both announcements, the chairman of the party’s chairman, E. Madhusudhanan said that a CBI poll was important and had to go to Jayalalithaa’s medical records since it was Sasikala readmitted at the Poes Garden home in 2012.

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