Recommended Books for IAS Exam which You must need to Clear the UPSC in First attempt

Recommended Books for IAS Exam

This page lists all books recommended for the IAS exam, including IAM Prelims books, GS Mains books for IAS, Pub books, sociology books, history books, geography books, Science books Policies and other IAS test books.

There are thousands of books available for the IAS exam, but most of them are not accurate or do not contain the exact content that UPSC needs. UPSC Aspirants merges with hundreds of books available for various topics.

Here in this publication we will give you the list of the 5 best books for the IAS preparation exam that will surely give you a success on the UPSC exam.

These books have the best review of several UPSC bOOKS and these books have helped many UPSC Top Rankings to ensure correct marks on the UPSC exams.

We will not give you a list of hundreds of UPSC books that confuse and de-motivate because these books will not be useful to you in any way on the UPSC exams.

Reference books for IAS Prelims
Important reference books for IAS Prelims are listed below.

1. Documents published by IAS

The articles solved by section help you analyze the number and type of questions of different topics each year. You can understand the current trend of UPSC problems in this book.

Get resolved documents by section

2. GS Manual for Paper 1

The McGraw-Hill general survey manual is a highly recommended reference manual for all subjects in document 1. You can find all the information in one place and the information is very reliable.

Get the GS manual for paper 1

3. CSAT Paper Manual 2

The CSAT McGraw Hill Handbook covers all of the topics in Document 2 in detail with numerous questions and test examples. It is not necessary to return another book for document 2.

Get the CSAT manual for paper 2

4. The Directory of Manorama (MYB)

A good directory is necessary for the preparation of IAS Prelims. MYB is a recommended source for general knowledge information. The international events section is also very useful.

Get the Directory of Manorama

5. Yearbook of India (IYB)

The IYB is the official government. Publication and very important source of all the schemes and facts and figures related to censuses and other subjects like defense, economy, agriculture, education, etc.

Get the Book of India

6. Oxford Students’ Atlas

A reliable atlas is a must for Prelims and hands to solve questions based on cards. Oxford Atlas has high quality and accurate maps of India and the world. Practice for 30 minutes a day.

Get the Oxford Student Atlas

IAS Thematic Books for Preliminaries
In addition to reference books, you should also read the IAS thematic books for the preliminaries given below:

1. The Indian courtesy of Laxmikanth

The McGraw Hill Indigenous Police Book covers in detail the entire Constitution – Artciles, schedules and amendments. The language is easy for readers to understand. Recent developments in policy are also covered.

Get the politics of India by Laxmikanth

2. Environment and ecology by Majid Hussain

This is a very important topic for Prelims and Hands and many questions are asked. Majid Hussains’ book covers this topic in detail, including recent developments on climate change, global warming, various international agreements, etc.

Get Environment and Ecology by Hussain

3. Struggle for Chandra’s independence

Most of the questions of Indian history are required in part of modern history and the best book to deal with is the Indian Independence struggle of Bipin Chandra. This book begins from the revolt of 1857 and continues until independence.

Get the fight for independence by Bipin Chandra

4. Brief History of Modern India

What Bipin Chandra’s book left out, the brief history of the spectrum thus covers the social reform movements of the 19th century, the important details of all the independence movements of the twentieth century, and so on. It is a practical reference book for the history of modern Indians.

Get a Brief History of Modern India

Note: Also report NCERT textbooks on ancient, medieval and modern India.

5. Indian art and culture

As you know, art and culture are an important theme for the Prelims and the Hands. The art and culture of Nitin Singhania cover all aspects of this subject in detail, so you should not refer to different sources of information about the art and culture of India.

Get Indian art and culture

6. The Indian Economy of Ramesh Singh

The Indian economy of Mc Graw Hill covers the program of the entire economy quite well. It covers all relevant sub-sectors of India’s economy such as planning, industrialization and politics, agriculture, economic reforms, inflation, banking, foreign trade, etc.

Getting the Economy of India by Ramesh Singh

7. Physical Geography of Goh Cheng Leong
Another very important book to read is the Goh Cheng Leong Physical Geography Certificate Course to address issues related to physical geography. Whether it’s climate, earthquakes, winds or oceans, everything is covered in this book on physical geography.


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