HC comes to rescue of transgender who underwent sex reassignment surgery

In a major boost to the rights of the transgender community, the Madras Supreme Court Thursday directed officials at the University of Madras and Anna University to change the name and sex of women in men on a transsexual’s education certificates Who had undergone gender reassignment surgery.

The judge ordered N. Kirubakaran examinations drivers at both universities to make the necessary changes in the certificates related to the Bachelor of Science (software) and IT degree courses granted by the transsexual based in Kancheepuram district.

Taking into account that the medical records showed that the petitioner had undergone necessary medical examinations and psycho-legal counseling after the surgery were performed in a private hospital on the front line on August 27, the judge said that the petitioner was Become Become A “complete man”, both physically and psychologically.

On the other hand, noting that it is time for the Center to seriously consider issues of transsexual rights, the judge wanted to know the fate of the bill on the rights of trans persons in the year 2014, an initiative project Parliamentary law presented by DMK MP ‘Tiruchi’ Siva and approved by the Rajya Sabha in April 2015.

He suo motu including Ministries of Health, Social Justice and Union Law as the respondent’s protective measure and ordered Attorney General Su Srinivasan to instructions by September 4. The applicant was also invited to be present at the court. A day for an appropriate sentence.

In his affidavit, the applicant had indicated that he was born in March 1991 and had been recognized as a woman at birth and in school records. Although his academic performance was excellent and he won the degree races and graduated with distinction, his personal life has proven to be traumatic. After learning that she suffered from dysphoria or gender gender identity disorder, the petitioner claimed that she had undergone sexual reassignment surgery as medical advice.

The resulting gender change and name has also been duly notified in the Official Gazette on September 28. Subsequently, obtained a passport, license, PAN card (permanent account number) leads to income tax purposes and even an Aadhar card identify a man, but could not succeed In his attempts to make changes in his Educational certificates and therefore the present petition.

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