Just like Taj Mahal, but symmetry is missing

The tomb of Safdarjung, a mid-eighteenth-century building designed by an Ethiopian architect, marks the last colossal tomb of Mughal garden gate and its cultural heritage and architecture. The mausoleum, which resembles Humayun’s tomb in design and construction, is a smaller version, less large in appearance. The tomb is located in the center of a green… Continue reading “Just like Taj Mahal, but symmetry is missing”

How a city can tackle floods

The heavy rains of August 14 and 15 will remain in the memory of the Bengalis for some time. Floods, bottlenecks, sewage in homes are not things that people will quickly forget. There are many criticisms of the unpleasant state of our city’s infrastructure, but there are also lessons to be learned. Precipitation data generation… Continue reading “How a city can tackle floods”

Karnataka is not trying to be a Silicon Valley, says IT minister Priyank Kharge

The Congress broadly welcomes technology and social networking to reach out to the locals, said Priyank Kharge, IT, BT and Karnataka Tourism Minister. In an interview, Mr. Kharge, 38, said his party would not use technology and social media only during elections, but also for e-governance and to communicate with citizens. The technology minister, who… Continue reading “Karnataka is not trying to be a Silicon Valley, says IT minister Priyank Kharge”